The Best Life story began with a simple need- to make the right choices for my health.

Like most urban professionals, I struggled with the work life balance that ended up affecting my health adversely. After a lot of researching, engaging professionals and trying different formats of food,exercise and supplements, I realised what I was putting on my Skin and Hair, was as important as what I was putting on my plate.

It simply didn’t make any sense to me– what I was putting on to look better/younger, was scientifically connected to creating health problems that would make me look worse??

On studying this, I realized this was a well recognized problem internationally and chemical ingredients that had been banned in the European Union were still allowed in developing countries like India.

So I decided to take on the task and the idea of Best Life was born!

More than 2 years later, with seemingly countless woman-hours spent working with scientists, researching, formulating, sourcing safe ingredients from across the globe, testing their stability, efficacy and usability, I can now proudly say that our products are some of the safest, best-performing products in their categories and will only keep getting better.

I realised what I was putting on my skin and hair was as important as what I was putting on my plate

Prerana Kohli

What goes ON your body, goes IN your body

No dirty chemicals

Conventional Personal Care, derives a majority of its ingredients as by-products of petroleum, exposing them to industrial processes. They also contain heavy-duty preservatives like Parabens and Formaldehyde that cause long term diseases in human beings. At Best Life, we stay away from the long list of such chemicals due to their health and environmental concerns.

Natural Pthalate-free fragrance

Best Life products are fragranced using essential oils that are beneficial for hair and skin and are free from Pthalates.

Plant-based, Safe and Effective

All ingredients that Best Life uses are rigorously researched, meeting international standards for efficacy, toxicology and environmental science

Best for you, Better for the Planet

Almost all of our products are completely boidegradeable and do not end up polluting our water bodies. This in-turn prevents damage to aquatic life and keeps the planet healthier.

Our Process

People Love Us

Our Experts

Dr. Reshma Vasanwala

M.D., Board Certified Hospital Medicine & Public Health Physician, San Francisco, California

Dr. Lipy Gupta

M.D., Skin Specialist, Max Super Speciality Hospital, Saket, New Delhi,India

Dr. Manish Gupta

M.D., General Practitioner, Obesity Expert, New Delhi, India

Our Mentors

Will Rosenzweig

Venture Capitalist, Physic Ventures, San Francisco, California

Parthasarthy Guhapatra

Co-founder, Redcliff Hygiene, Former Senior Vice-President, Wipro Limited

Nalin Kohli

Chairman, Araina Group, Former Member Board of Trade, Government of India

Executive Team

Prerana Kohli

Founder, Chief Executive Officer

Sweta Srivasatava

Head, Product Development

Karan Kohli

Co-founder, Chief Financial Officer