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We’re quick to get rid-off make-up that we feel is causing skin-irritation or might contain chemicals that are toxic but most of the bath and body products we use during bathing and afterwards, expose us more directly to toxins in a number of ways. A lot of times they are the most significant contributors to the damage, in terms of potential hormone disrupting, cancer-causing, unregulated (and often-unlabeled in case of some Ayurvedic), toxic compounds.The level of exposure depends on how often you shower or bathe and the number of products you use, but it adds up quickly. The conventional skincare industry’s argument is that “the dose makes the poison”, a.k.a, in trace quantities these chemicals are considered “safe to use”. This argument is a weak one in this case, as the dose for most people, especially women, is very high—often

Top 5 reasons you may want to try out a Sulfate-free Shampoo1. They don’t strip natural oils: Sulfate-free/Natural shampoos clean hair while maintaining its natural shine. This is possible when natural oils are preserved in the hair. Sulfate-free hair cleansers wash the hair fibers without removing essential, natural, oils from them.2. They’re better at moisture retention: Moisture is needed in hair to prevent problems such as split ends and breakage. Everyday exposure to pollution and dust requires frequent washing. Harsh, chemical based shampoos strip away the moisture from hair when used frequently, causing them to turn dull and frizzy. On the other hand, sulfate-free hair cleansers help retain the natural moisture in hair, giving it a healthy sheen and making them safe for everyday use.3. They reduce irritation/ inflammation: Because sulfates are harsh chemicals, they can dry and irritate the