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The Best Life story began with a simple need- to make the right choices for my health.

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What Goes ON Your Body, Goes IN Your Body

No dirty chemicals

Conventional Personal Care, derives a majority of its ingredients as by-products of petroleum, exposing them to industrial processes. They also contain heavy-duty preservatives like Parabens and Formaldehyde that cause long term diseases in human beings. At Best Life, we stay away from the long list of such chemicals due to their health and environmental concerns.

Natural Pthalate-free fragrance

Best Life products are fragranced using essential oils that are beneficial for hair and skin and are free from Pthalates.

Plant-based, Safe and Effective

All ingredients that Best Life uses are rigorously researched, meeting international standards for efficacy, toxicology and environmental science

Best for you, Better for the Planet

Almost all of our products are completely boidegradeable and do not end up polluting our water bodies. This in-turn prevents damage to aquatic life and keeps the planet healthier.

Natural Healthy Essentials

We at Best Life believe your gorgeous Skin and Hair deserve the healthiest products, as what you put on your body goes inside your body.
Conventional Skin and Hair-Care products contain chemicals, associated with Carcinogenicity, Hormone-disruption, and Skin-irritation.
Best Life products have been designed with your health and daily usage in mind. We take utmost care to only use the best, plant-powered, ingredients and formulae that meet International standards, to create the healthiest personal-care for you.

All-Natural skin and hair care

Certified free of all toxins and approved by databases of international standards such as Paula’s Choice, wholefoods, Made Safe USA and EWG.

Superfoods for your skin and hair

Your skin and hair also require superfoods and that’s just what you will be getting with our products.

Pure & Fragrant Essential Oils

Synthetic fragrances are harmful for your body as they contain toxins. Therefore, we have chosen to go natural with pure essential oils and eliminate all toxins.

Conceived at Certified Facilities

Most times, you’re conflicted with going with something that works for you and something that is good for you, we have brought them together and created a safe and functional product.

All-natural, Healthy Essentials


Natural Face Cleanser (Chocolate Clay)

329.00 129.00

Natural Face Wash (Lavender Lush)

329.00 129.00
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Natural Moisturiser (Rosehip Replenish)

449.00 249.00

Natural Bodywash (Mandarin Morning)

449.00 249.00

Natural Conditioner (Argan Nourish)

449.00 389.00

Natural Shampoo (Argan Nourish)

549.00 389.00

Natural Deo Spray (Floral)

399.00 199.00

Natural Deo Spray (Citrus)

399.00 199.00

People Love Us

My allergies increase each time I used lotion. I now use the Best Life lotion with natural fragrance and don’t have an allergic reaction

Utkarsha Kohli


I just love the Argan Nourish Shampoo. My work makes me spend a lot of time in dusty areas and this shampoo is gentle enough to use often. It cleans my hair and keeps it moisturized

Ruchika Rawat


Finally! A natural deodorant that works like it’s supposed to! I put it on in the morning and never think about it again. It lasts all day and it doesn’t itch!.

Tanya Chopra

Media Professional

I never thought about natural deodorant until I got pregnant. I didn’t want to put all the toxins that ordinary deodorants have on my body. I was introduced to the Best Life Deodorant spray. It’s wonderful! I love the natural fragrance and the fact that I don’t need to worry about harmful chemicals.

Abhilasha Khanna

Mother of 2